Short Paragraph on Lakshmi Kund Mela

Here is your short paragraph on Lakshmi Kund Mela:

On the eight day of the waxing fortnight of Bhadrapada, the goddesses again move into the foreground with the beginning of a sixteen-day mela in glory of Lakshmi.


In Kashi, the venue of the mela is Lakshmi Kund, just west of Godaulia on Luxa Road.

The devotees who observe the vrata of Mahalakshmi will bathe in the Kund, near the stories of this vrata, have the darshana of the deity and offer her sixteen kinds of grains and sixteen kinds of flowers.

The sixteenth days are called the Sorahia Mela and the final day—the eight day of the waxing fortnight of Ashvina—is the great vrata of Lakshmi called Jivit Putrika Vrata, to be observed by women for the life of their children.

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