Short Paragraph on Lohri

Here is your short paragraph on Lohri:

The night before Makara Sankranti is celebrated as Lohri in northern India when bonfires are lit and Agni, God of Fire is worshipped. This marks the height of winter. Lohri falls in the month of January.


Children collect money from the families inhabiting the locality and in the evening a bonfire is made when sweets, crispies etc. thrown in the fire amidst singing of popular folk songs in a joyous mood.

In Punjab Lohri is observed pompously at family level when a male child is born and also in case of first Lohri of the newlywed couple when the bonfire is lighted, the newly born child is brought before the flames to seek the blessings of Sun-god. The gifts are presented to the newly married daughters.

This festival that falls in the last day of Paus is a joyous night when girls and boys in groups go from one house to another to collect Lohri, alms in the form of rice, jaggery and money and sing song in praise of ‘Dulla Bhatti’ in the following way:

Sunddar mundariye-ho!


tera kaun vicara-ho!

Dulla Bhatti wala-ho!

Dulle ke byayi-ho !

ser shakkar pai-ho!

Legend tells us that Dulla Bhatti of Sandalbar had rescued a maiden from the clutches of some abductors and eventually as her custodian, Dulla Bhatti arranged a suitable groom for her. The day, thus, stand for the dignity and protection of the women also.

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