Short Paragraph on Makali Cattle Fair

Here is your short paragraph on Makali Cattle fair:

For the past 35 years – the cattle fair in Makali village near Nelamangala is taking place. Makali is located in Bangalore North taluk on Tumkur Road, 20 kms from Bangalore.


Over the years, being close to Bangalore, industrialisation has crept into Nelamangala and industries have come on agricultural land.

However, despite rapid changes, one thing has remained constant—the annual cattle fair held on the occasion of Bheemeshwara Swami Brahmarathotsava.

Farmers bring cattle to this fair from Nelamangala, Bidadi, Kengeri and Bangalore Rural taluks, besides villages surrounding Makali like Alur, Muniyappana Palya, Narasipura, Mathahalli, Honnasandra, Oderahalli and Agrahara Palya.

However trading in cattle is not restricted to farmers from local villages alone. There is a demand for cattle for this fair from far flung places of North Karnataka like Davangere, Hubli and Gulbarga apart from the nearby Tumkur and Kunigal.


Farmers of North Karnataka are of the opinion that bullocks of these region are quite suited for the rocky soil of North Karnataka. The cattle fair is jointly organised by the Bheemeshwara Swamy Temple Committee and Muzrai Department.

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