Short Paragraph on Mebingi Festival

Here is your short paragraph on Mebingi festival:

This is the main festival of Zeliangroungs of Nagaland. It continues for seven days as the celebration of paddy husking.


The first day of the festival ‘Hengisa’ is meant for preparation of rice-beer. Big feasts are held on the second day, ‘Gautan’. The third day ‘Ruadi’ is kept for eating and leisure as well as reception of relatives.

Mankan means fourth day in which the married couples exchange dainties and wines which the husbands and wives cooks separately.

Then begins the games and sports. On fifth day ‘Mipuingara’, the Khel feast is held. The six day termed as ‘Cingpura’ is meant for collection of fuel. Fausar means the seventh day, marked by a khel feast is held at the morung, cultural centre and thus ends the festival.

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