Short Paragraph on Muharram (373 Words)

Here is your short paragraph on Muharram:

Occurs in the first month of the Muslim calendar (also called Hijra), of which the first ten days are observed mourning the martyrdom of Imam Hussain, the grandson of the Prophet, which fell on the tenth day of Muharram of Sixty- one Hijra year, corresponding to 680 A.D. Muharram is, thus, the martyr day of Imam-Hussain Al-hi-Salaam, in memory of Shoh-dai-Karbala.


Motive behind the observance is to show affection and love to him, conĀ­dolence symbol in regards. Happening of the day are full fast, after taking meal, Khichara (meat, barely-pieces, rice, pulses like masur, arhar, murg).

During the days of Muharram, the events leading to the martyrdom are recited in dramatised verses and tableaux symbolising the events as well as the tomb, taziah, of the martyr are carried in procession Muslims, mostly the Siahs, march in procession wailing and beating their breasts and sometimes engaging in self-inflicted flagellations and tortures.

Muharram is observed all over India by the muslims. In all cities and towns, there are impressive processions of colourfully decorated tazias which are made of paper and bamboo and are replicas of martyr’s tomb at Karbala. The processions are specially impressive where the Imam Baras (Mausolea) are illuminated.

In Delhi, the Tazia processions culminates at the Karbala in Jor Bagh after passing through the walled city. The main congregations are held at the Shia Jama Masjid and the Karbala, where the Sham-i- Ghariban ki Majlis draw thousands of devotees.


Congregation is also held at Shahi Masjid, Fatehpuri, where verses from the Holy Quran are recited. In Uttar Pradesh, traditional religious fervour and solemnity marks the occasion. Tazias are taken out through the main routes of the city.

Muharram is observed throughout West Bengal in a solemn commemoration of the sacrifice by Hazrat Imam Hussain at the historic Karbala war. Devotees take out Tazia procession and prayers are held.

In Ahmedabad, the traditional Tazia processions are taken out. Imam Hussain preferred martyrdom to wrong deeds. This day calls the Muslims to follow the tenets of Islam in the true spirit to bring about communal harmony.

In many part of south India, tiger-dancer (men all over with stripes and wearing tiger masks) lead the procession.

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