Short Paragraph on Paceti Festival

Here is your short paragraph on paceti festival:

Paceti or Pacati is a festival observed in Darrang district of Assam. The monkey chief Hanuman is regarded as rain—given god.


He is worshipped in the Khatara Sattra of the Darrang on the last day of the months of Bhada and Ahin.

The original significance of the festival seems to have been lost much due to the influence neo—Vaishnavism.

This Paceti festival is also observed in Lower Assam on the last day of the month of Kati and Aghon. In the Outala Sattra of Darrang, it is associated with the worship of Kamadeva.

Girls who have not attained puberty cast arrows made with flowers at the altar of Vasudeva. The Kamadeva worship is undoubtedly linked with fertility.

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