Short Paragraph on Pather-Ka-Khel

Here is your short paragraph on Pather-Ka-Khel:

There is a fair held at Halog, about 30 kms from Shimla on the 2nd day of Diwali. The most striking feature of this fair is the Pather—Ka—Khel and the venue is the ‘Khel—Ka—Chaunra).


There are two parties. One party comes from Dhamed and the other from village Jamog of Seon Pargana. They go to the temple and bow before the goddess.

Then they take their positions on two opposite hillocks. After this, a person makes a signal and the opposing parties start throwing stones at each other and this goes on’ for about half an hour or till someone is hurt. Then two or three married scheduled caste women come running and wave their dupattas as white flags to stop the affray.

The injured man goes to the temple and drips his blood there. The two parties get together and a procession starts with the beating of drums and go to the mela ground to sing and dance.

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