Short Paragraph on Pooram Festival

Here is your short paragraph on pooram festival:

As twilight descends on the temple of Vadakkunathan atop a hillock near Trichur, this most spectacular temple festival called ‘Pooram’ begins in Kerala.


Thirty richly caparisoned elephants carrying ceremonial umbrellas and fanned by whisks stride out through the temple gate called ‘Gopuram’.

The elephant in the centre carries the processional image of the temple deity, ‘Vadakkunathan’. To the sound of trumpets and pipes, the elephants go round the temple. A spectacular display of fire work, soon after the mid-night, continues till the break of dawn.

Vadakkunnatha temple at Trichur celebrates Pooram festival in the month of April every year with such impressive procession of caparisoned elephants and display of pyrotechnics unparalleled.

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