Short Paragraph on Rama Navami

Here is your short paragraph on Rama Navami:

This festival falls in the month of Chitra (March-April). On the ninth day, the birthday of Lord Rama is celebrated by Hindus everywhere.


The worshipper listen to a recital of the Ramayana during the eight nights preceding it. The erudite pandits with indepth knowledge of this great epic are invited to temples where they entertain the worshippers with tales from the Ramayana.

Ram Navami day is kept as a strict fast. The Rama temples are illuminated and the idol of Lord Rama adorned with ornaments.

The Ramayana is read in the temples, at noon of this day the priest of the temple exhibits a small image of the god and put it into a cradle. The devotees prostrates itself before it. Acclamations arise all round handfuls of red powder are flung in token of joy and all go home exulting.

Rama is said to have installed in Rameswaram a Sivalingam as expiation of the sin committed in having slain a large number of demons in Lanka. Endow­ments to conduct Sri Ramanavami festival are found recorded in some temples of Tamil Nadu.

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