Short Paragraph on Rangali Bihu

Here is your short paragraph on Rangali Bihu:

The term Bihu is derived from Sanskrit ‘Visuvan’. The Rangali Bihu is associated with Vernal Equinox. The Rangali Bihu is the sowing season.


It is the Queen of the three Bihus ustering in a spirit of fresh vigour and rejuvenation for a new productive life after the winter months.

The new soil moistened by early showers is ready for plough. In mid-April, there will be joy and mirth in the air.

It is the time for Rangali Bihu—the festival of colour, creativity and joy. It is the festival tural vitality, magic beliefs, age-old fertility cults, infinite varities of the anthropomorphic yearnings of man together with his indomitable creative urge coalesce to produce a profound sense of unity and exhilaration.

Nowhere is man so close to nature or nature so intimate to man as here particularly during the season of spring. The great natural rhythm works a magic spell in the hearts of men and women and the joy brings over and manifests itself in song, dance, music and merriment that claims attention of everybody.

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