Short Paragraph on Ras Lila Festival

Here is your short paragraph on ras lila festival:

This festival occurs on the full-moon day of the month of Agrahayana and is a very significant festival of Manipur.


According to them, the word ‘Ras’ denotes emotion or feeling and by extension refers to the goodness and inner, essence of all things.

The word ‘Lila’ means play or performance. The festival is highlighted with the well-known dance called ‘Ras-lila’ a ‘Raslila’ is played according to season and usually on mountain sides or in far off temples. It commences well after midnight and continues until the sunrise.

The celebration comprises of six parts as follows:

(i) Appearance of Krishna (Krishnabhisar)


(ii) Appearance of Radha (Radhabhisar)

(iii) Ras-Lila proper

(iv) Argument of the Ras-lila (Bhangi)

(v) Union (Milan)

(vi) Prayer (Prarthana)

At the last phase of the festival sacred fire is offered to Lord Krishna. Ras Mela

This great fair is held at Nabadvip in the Nadia district of West—Bengal. This is organised by the devotees of Shakti cult and is called ‘Shakta Utsav’.

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