Short Paragraph on Ravidas Jayanti

Here is your short paragraph on Ravidas jayanti:

This day is celebrated to commemorate the birthday of drown-trodden saint Ravidas who was born in Banaras.


On this great occasion, procession by low castes can be witnessed celebrating Ravidas Jayanti that falls in the month of Magha (January-Februarys).

In Delhi a big procession is taken out to celebrate the event. This great saint was born some 550 years ago at a place near Varanasi. On this birthday, a grand procession is taken out in Varanasi and other places.

The procession termiĀ­nates at the temple dedicated to the worship of the Guru, where the devotees recite prayers in his honour and worship his portraits on the following day and the festival concludes with a grand feast.

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