Short Paragraph on Saptapuri

Here is your short paragraph on Saptapuri:

There are seven cities in India that are said to bestow moksha at the time of death, these ‘Saptapuri’ are: In the North, there is Ayodhya, the capital of Lord Rama; Mathura, the birth place of Krishna; Hardwar, the gate of the Ganges and Kashi, the city of Shiva.


In central India is Ujjain, sacred to Shiva; in the West is Dvaraka, the capital of Krishna and in the South is Kanchi, sacred to both Vishnu and Shiva. Among these seven, Kashi is held to be supreme.

The other six cities bestow moksha only indirectly, by first bringing the good fortune of rebirth in Kashi. Only Kashi leads directly to moksha, with no stops on the way.

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