Short Paragraph on Sekrenyi Festival

Here is your short paragraph on Sekrenyi Festival:

This festival falls in the month of Rude (i.e., December), celebrated by the Angamis of Nagaland.


The most colourful festival, Sekrenyi is an important genna as regards festivities as maximum flesh of mithun, pigs, dogs, chickens and rice- beer are taken.

A five day genna is rigorously observed alongwith the festival. The purpose behind this celebration is to ensure good health of the community in the coming year.

This festival is closely associated with the renovation of the village gates. It is a very attractive occasion focusing the bearing of a wooden door carefully hewed out of a tree and designed in a traditional style.

The tree cut off at the sacred grove is turned by the carpenters into a beautifully carved out door and laid near the Minister’s Hill in Kohima for a few nights. The day is settled for bearing it to the sites where the gate is located. That day marks the grand marches by different groups of people from the Khel all male, to the Minister’s Hill.


It is neither a religious ceremony nor is connected with any rite. A social function, the purpose of which is to bring together the Khasis in general into one gathering once in a year so that they can enjoy together the spirit of collecting feelings of peace of mind through dancing that expresses the joy of living, grate­fulness to the creator of this earth and solicitations for future well-being for all.

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