Short Paragraph on Shab-e-barat

Here is your short paragraph on Shab-e-barat:

This is the night of rejoicing or deliverance and observed on the eve of the fifteenth day of the eighth month.


In Islam, it is believed that on this day, the God records in advance for the whole year what is in divine store for them. They stay awake the whole night, praying and visiting the graves of near and dear ones and observe a fast the following day.

But for many, this is night of rejoicing, a moment of merry-making, cooking and distributing sweets, especially halwa and illuminat­ing their homes and mosques.

This is celebrated at night, because it is believed that on this auspicious day, names of all Muslims are registered in heaven. A vigil is kept all night. This feast occur on the thirteenth day by some Muslims and on the fourteenth by some of Shahan, of the eight month of the Muslim year.

A striking feature is the lighting lamps at night as Hindus do during Diwali. It is customary amongst Shias of Hindu extraction in Gujarat. Fatiha or blessings are recited over the food in the name of Fatima, the Prophet’s daughter and Ali, her husband.

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