Short Paragraph on Shiva Kanwar Samiti

Here is your short paragraph on Shiva Kanwar Samiti:

Lord Shiva or Mahadev is the third god of the Hindu triad and is wor­shipped by the Shaiva sect, who form the greater number of Hindus. Pious Shiva- Kanwar hindus begin their pilgrimage to Hardwar, the gateway of Ganges or Gangotri in the first half of Sravana (Krishnapaksha) to fulfil their vows.


The orange clad devotees take holy dip at Ganga and perform necessary oblutions they collect Kanwar (a decorated bamboo stick, which they carry on to their shoulder with pitchers containing secred water hanging on both side). Now begins their arduous return journey in bare foot that can hardly be imagined.

On the way, though they encamp at several spots, the pilgrims would never put the Kanwar on the ground.

On Shivaratri day of this month, the worshippers pour libations over Shiva linga, the creative emblem of the Lord in their nearest Shiva Temple. After this is over, his worshippers must undertake another pilgrimage in his life time to finally immerse the Kanwar into the sacred Ganges water. Some even completes the ritual by pouring libations over the linga at Neelkanth.

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