Short Paragraph on Taippusam

Here is your short paragraph on Taippusam:

This Tamil festival occurs in the month of Tai on the day with the asterism Pusam.


On this auspicious day, a sacred bath is prescribed. It is said that Indra got rid of his sins on this day at Tiruppudaimarudur in the Tirunelveli district.

A bath in the river Tamraparni in the Tirunelveli district in regarded beneficial. It is believed that Lord Muruka go his Vel (lance) from Parvati on this day.

This festival is celebrated with full religious fervour in Tiruvidaimarudur near Kumbakonam and Appar had also mentioned the sacred bath in one of his Tevaram hymns sung on the place. The festival is also held at Palani.

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