Short Paragraph on Tsiekranyi Festival

Here is your short paragraph on Tsiekranyi Festival:

The term ‘tsie’ bears the meaning ‘Seed’ and ‘kru (or Kra) means to sow. This is, thus, the seed – sowing festival of the Angami Nagas of Nagaland that falls in the month of Keno (February).


The celebration of the festival is must before the seed – sowing. A number of rituals and ceremonies are connected with the festival.

A two day genna is celebrated in which the first sower (i.e. tsikrau) never attends any kind of feast and drink offered by his neighbours. He does not touch even an insect. It is said that if the first, sower breaks this taboo, the crops may be destroyed by pets.

During the village pennie, i.e., suspension of domestic business, each family takes part in the feast prepared of mithun and pigs as well as hens and home – made beer. After the genna is over, they are free to sow the seed in their fields.

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