Short Paragraph on Tusu Festival

Here is your paragraph on Tusu Festival:

‘Tusu’ is a harvest festival of Bengal that is celebrated with great enthu­siasm in Purulia, Bankura, Medinipur to Dhalbhum, Singhbhum etc.


This is cel­ebrated from the month of Agrahayan that continues till the end of Paus in honour of local deity ‘Tusu’.

Tusu songs, procession of the local diety, drawing of images in alpana style on the pitchers etc. are some special features of the festival. It is said that Tusu was the princess of Panchakot Kashipur or Jhargram had died suddenly.

Another legend has it that a mughal king was so fascinated by her eternal beauty that he decides to marry her. Eventually Tusu committed suicide by jumping into the river that is known, today, as ‘Satighat’. Jhargram region of Midnapur district is popular for ‘Tusu Utsav’.

On Paus Sankranti, the devotees take sacred bath ‘Makarsnan’. Men and women collectively as well as separately sing ‘Tusu songs’ to mark the festival.

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