Short Paragraph on Unakite Mala

Here is your short paragraph on Unakuti Mela:

This fair is held in hilly region of Kailasahar sub-division of the territory of Tripura state. The fair is also called ‘Astamir Mela’ and ‘Baruni’.


It occurs on the eighth day of the bright fortnight of the month of Chaitra and continues for two days. It commences in the night of the first day and ends in the evening of the second day.

All attend the fair except Kukis and Lushais, as they are mostly Christians. Main attraction of the occasion is the ‘Baruni or Astami Snan’. Partici¬≠pants, both aged and young, men and women, take bath in a spring (kunda) located on the slopes of the hillock.

The term ‘Unakuti’ denotes a crore less by one. Legend has it that it was the meeting place of gods and goddesses they gathered there with a view to make that place another Vrindavana. To take a final decision on the issue – the 8th day of the bright fortnight of Chaitra was fixed.

Accordingly they assembled there in the darkness. But the Brahmin warned them to leave the place before dawn and further instructed that if anybody stayed even after the first crow had cawed, he or she would turn into a stone image. As the deities were about to leave, a crow had cawed and all of them turned into stone images, as they may be seen now on the walls of Unakuti hills. On this ill-fated night a crore of deities less by one were present in that place.

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