Short Paragraph on Wangala Festival

Here is your short paragraph on Wangala Festival:

For Garos in Meghalaya, Saljong is the God of Fertility. The deity is represented by the sun and is honoured because he is the care-taker of all crops and without his blessing no harvest would be reaped.


He is worshipped during Garos most significant festival of Wangala, but the actual sacrifice to him is offered in the fields before the village festival commences.

The ritual is as follows:

A cock is killed and its blood is sprinkled on the sacrificial altar, a little liquor is poured out on the ground in front of it and the devotees then returns to the village for the Wangala celebrations. Very significant festival of the Garos in Meghalaya, this festival is held during October-November, and it lasts for a week.

As started, this festival is celebrated to honour and offer sacrifices to their greatest god called Saljong (Sun-god). The occasion is initiated, right in the field by a simple but impressive ceremony mentioned above called Rugula.


After the ceremony of incense known as Sasat Soa is celebrated. This is performed inside the house of the chief of the village. On this occasion people, young and old, boys and girls in their colourful costumes with feathered headgear dance to the tunes of music played on long oval shaped drums.

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