Short Pragraph on Manabasa Gurubara

Here is your sort paragraph on Manabasa Gurubara:

This is celebrated in Orissa with full religious fervour. In rural regions, with the harvest brought home the farmers feel greatly satisfied with the yield.


After six months of toil in the field, they fill the granaries with the blessings of Goddess Lakshmi. So, the whole month of Margashira (December—January) is spent in worshipping the Goddess.

All the rituals connected with the festival are done by house-wives them-selves. On each Thursday of the month the houses are plastered with cowdung, the floors are decorated with beautiful floral designs drawn with rice-powder mixed with water.

This is called ‘Jhoti’. Footmarks are painted from the doorstep to the place of worship as if Goddess Lakshmi has entered the house. The roofs are decorated with flower garlands and festoon woven out of paddy stalks.

After purificatory bath in the morning the housewives worship the Goddess, not through an image but significantly through paddy-measures.


Different varieties of rice cakes and Kshiri (rice-soup prepared with milk and sugar) are prepared in every household and are offered to the deity and then taken by all.

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