Short Paragraph on Fishing (300 Words)

Here is your short Paragraph on Fishing !

Fishing is one of the oldest occupations of mankind. Fishing embraces all aspects of man’s pursuit of the aquatic animals in the seas and in the inland waters all over the world.


Fish are vital source of food in coun­tries like Japan, Norway, Iceland and Newfoundland.

Fishing Grounds:

The world’s major commercial fishing grounds are located in the cool waters of the Northern Hemisphere in high altitudes. Commercial fishing is little devel­oped in the Southern Hemisphere.

The importance of the Northern Hemisphere is be­cause of the fact that, it is a land hemisphere with a large population and with a great length of indented coastline providing many harbours. The three major fishing grounds of the world, which are located in the temperate latitudes of the Northern Hemisphere, are:

1. North West Pacific (from Bering Sea to East China Sea)


2. North West Atlantic (between Newfoundland and New England)

3. North East Atlantic (Iceland to Mediterranean Shores)


There are two types of fish: 1. Salt water 2. Fresh water.

Salt water fish: It spends its entire life in oceans and seas.

Fresh water fish: These are found in inland streams, rivers and lakes. Some are Anadromous fish like Salmon which are found in inland rivers.

Fishing in India:

Fish is an important item of people living in Coastal States and fisheries are confined to Gujarat, Malabar Coast, Gulf of Mannar and Tamil Nadu. The variet­ies on Indian shores are herring, mackerel, prawns, mullets, etc. Fish resource is renewable. But accord­ing to experts there are signs of depletion, like cod in North Atlantic, lobster in Newfoundland. This deple­tion is due to pollution of the water through sewage and industrial wastes. Japan, Soviet Union, U.S.A., Norway, China, Britain, Peru are leading fishing na­tions of world.

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