Paragraph on “Flash Flood in India”

These days Flash foods occur often. The origin of such disasters happens when glaciers break under the pressure of water and which forms an outburst of water that is much beyond human control.

There have been severe flash floods in India. In 2012, there was a severe flash flood that happened in the Himalayas were at least 31 people died and at least 40 went missing.


Another serious flash flood occurred in 2013 in the state of Uttarakhand which was indeed the worst till date. More than 5700 people were confirmed to be dead in this flash flood and was the most devastating one.

The most affected areas in these flash floods were Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh and Jammu and Kashmir. The flash floods begin with small rainfalls, which then increases and finally floods come in with all the strength and almost wash out everything that is on their way. In the flash flood in 2013, it left many pilgrims and other tourists trapped in the Uttarakhand areas and in the other low hilly areas. The Indian Force, Indian Army and with the help of paramilitary troops only they could rescue more than 1 lakh people from this flood cadaverous area.

People become homeless, bridges, buildings, and all that is on the way of this outraged floods are all washed away and it takes quite a long time to get things back to normal after a flash flood. These places are homes to many pilgrimages and also a great tourist spot. Every year there are thousands who make visits to these places, but when a flash flood comes in, all these people are trapped in. Heavy landslides happen during these flash floods and many lives get trapped under.

Environmental experts are making a study on this and they find that huge tunnels built for hydroelectric purposes creates an ecological imbalance and it is one of the reason for flash floods and creates massive damages. Man has to be careful when he is planning and implementing these things as he has to be in harmony with the nature to avoid such great tragedy.

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