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Frightful flood never comes alone. It comes with a disaster. It brings unconditional imbalance in life.

The communication system damages because of the flood. There are many terrible effects of flood. Let’s know more about the frightful flood.



There are some definite reasons for the flood situations. Obviously the reasons are related to the climate changes, weather changes, and other natural aspects that have great impact on the seas, rivers etc. Normally, when a dry ground gets covered by the water, flood occurs. Thus, heavy rainfall cannot be the sole reason behind frightful flood.

Another major cause behind the deluge is the heavy or prolonged rainfall. The heavy rainfall in the tropical countries causes harsh storms or hurricanes. Snow melting and block up can also be other reasons for the flooding. Thus, there are several phenomena that cause the frightful floods. The higher probabilities of flooding situations are found in the tropical regions as well as the coastal areas. In these areas the deluge originates from a rainstorm or snowstorm surge allied with a tropical hurricane, a typhoon, or a tsunami. Even overlapping and elevated tides that are bigger than the calculated river levels can source the flooding situations.

Affecting Areas:

The chances of floods are higher in the coastal areas. In such areas deluge occurs by the sea and sky-scraping tides of the sea. Thus, king tides, storm heaves, and tsunamis can originate seawater flooding.

The most affecting areas or the areas that receive more dangers from the floods are the ones that are closer to the rivers and the seas. These areas are typically the low-lying and thus the major part of storm water easily drains these areas. Also, the heavy rainfalls and large storms in one place can source deluge in the neighboring place. The overflow of the water level of the river can drop out over the neighboring regions that are placed on thousands of kilometers away from the original place.

Flooding Types:


Let’s consider various situations that cause deluge.

Seawater flooding: It is caused by the overflow of sea water. Coastal areas suffer a lot with this kind of flood.

Surplus river water level: This flooding situation occurs when the water in river crosses the limit. River cannot maintain or keep the water more than the level settled for it. Snow melting and continuous rainfall can be the reason for the increment of river water level.

Tidal floods: This type of flood occurs when a sea tide achieves the height which is more than a calculated or safe one.

City Drainage: The situations like flash flooding occur during the failure of the drainage system of a city.


Frightful floods cannot be stopped completely. However, the Government of the tropical regions or coastal areas can create a plan to apply during the floods so that the residential people of those areas will receive no harm to their life. Precautionary methods play an important role in the regions that live under the fear of floods. The regional as well as the national Government should provide special attention to these areas.

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