Short Paragraph on Food Gathering and Hunting

Here is your short Paragraph on Food Gathering and Hunting !

Gathering means collection of materials from forest to fulfill the basic needs (e.g. food, clothing, shelter) and to earn money by selling them.


In ancient times, at the early stage of civilization man was a gatherer of things from forests and perhaps wholly dependent on gathering.

Gathering and ex­traction were the major activities of the people and tribes living in the tropical and temperate forests. Col­lection is the simplest type of occupation and is more rudimentary than hunting. Earlier people were totally dependent on forests for their livelihood through gath­ering. Gathering was not so numerous in temperate forests as it was in tropical forests.


Hunting is among the oldest occupations of man. For early man it was a necessity. Human beings used to obtain food, clothing, shelter and tools from the wild animals and birds. It is such an occupation that it requires direct and simple adjustment to nature’s development.


Certain primitive man and less advanced populations are still depen­dent on hunting because they live a migratory or semi- migratory life, but the migratory hunting populations of the present have little influence on the world, in-fact, some are disappearing and some have disappeared ei­ther by absorption or merciless exploitation. The primi­tive societies dependent on hunting—equatorial for­ests (Selvas) of Congo, Amazon, Borneo, Kalahari Desert, Tundra, Arctic Ocean.

Pastoral Herding:

Man has been domesticating animals on a large scale for carrying goods for the last 50 years. People in dif­ferent parts of world have been rearing animals, best suited to the climate of their area. Most of the com­munities engaged in herding migrate from place to place to find pastures. They are called “nomads”. These nomadic tribes move within a definite territory. Due to modern means of transportation they exchange animal products for agriculture and industrial prod­ucts. Hence some of the tribes have started leading a settled life.

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