Paragraph on Importance of Forest – by Silki

We must realize the importance of forests before it’s too late. Dense forests once covered India.

The composition of forests underwent a change with the growth and change of civilization. As man progressed forests began depleting. It was said that man should preserve and protect trees to have religious blessings.


Plantation of trees was given due importance. Unfortunately people cleared vast areas of forests for settlement. The Britishers exported large numbers of timber. The Britishers also made rules for conservation of forest. The new forest policy aims at maintaining one-third of India’s land area under forests. Development without destruction and forests for survival were the theme of planning. But, till now we find a gap between the aim and the achievement.

Importance of forests can be realized from various angles. Forests are home to many species. Amazon is the most dense forest and the home to many famous and undiscovered species. Forests maintain the balance of nature.

Importance of forests is clearly understandable from the fact that it filters the air we breathe. Trees help to reduce air pollution. The high density of trees in a forest prevents soil erosion and maintains the water cycle. With an increase in population, the level of environmental pollution has increased drastically. Conservation of forests is indispensable. If we want to keep the impact of global warming to a minimum, we’ve got to save the forests. Importance of forests can be understood from the fact that it works as an air purifier. Forests use the carbon-dioxide to prepare their food. This is why the air is breathable for us. If no trees were there, the air would become poisonous and imperfect for humans.

Importance of forests can not be explained in one word. It has so many benefits to humans. Many of our day to day life products come from the trees. The newspaper you read in the morning, the tissue you use to clean your face, all are made of forest products. Many houses are made of wood. Wooden flooring is one of the most elegant and expensive flooring options available in the market.


During the evolution of mankind, when they had no shelter, forests offered them food in the form of plants, fruits and animals. Our ancestors used wood to prepare hunting tools in the very beginning, about 10,000 years ago. Statistically speaking, today around 1.6 billion people rely on forests for their livelihood. Forests give us shade, shelter, food and livelihood. Importance of forests is directly related to the existence of mankind. In other words, forests are irreplaceable in the modern world.

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