Short Paragraph on My New Friend (430 words)

Here is your short paragraph on my new friend:

My name is Rashi Mehta. I am in class 12th (Science stream). I made a new friend. Her name is Ruchika Sharma.


She is also in class 12th (Commerce stream). We both are in same school. Ruchika is full of life. He has multiplied my happiness since the day I have met her. I met her in my school’s library 2 months ago.

We met by chance but became friends by choice. I am 17 years old & I believe that we make friends at every single stage in our lives but still we meet few peoples who tend to hold that special place in our lives. For me Ruchika is one of them.

I have many friends with whom I hesitate to share my problems sometimes but when Ruchika is with me I do not have to search for anyone else to discuss what I am going through. I believe that she has answers to all my problems as she understands me very well. She is the one whom I can blindly trust.

Ruchika is a friend who provides me love, comfort and affection when she is with me. She is the one who stood by me during the tough times of my life. I consider myself very lucky to have her in my life because I believe that not everyone is blessed with friends like her with whom they can share their feelings. Ruchika has outer as well as inner beauty.


She is good at heart and very beautiful by appearance as well. She has been awarded as the girl with the most beautiful eyes in our school. When I met her for the very first time I thought that she does not like to talk too much but when we interacted for the very first she shared a lot about her.

She shared her hobbies, likes & dislikes with me. We both had so many things in common. We became friends & join in various activities together. I love the way she dress. She loves to design her own outfits. She is a very good designer.

The clothes she designs are not same that we see in shops. Now a days she is teaching me how to design. Day by day I am exploring her and seeing a new Ruchika in her who is full of life and love life no matter what. I am thankful to god that I am blessed with such a wonderful friend. Hope our friendship remains forever the way it is.

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