Short Paragraph on Why You Are My Best Friend (400 Words)

Here is your short paragraph on Why You Are My Best Friend !

Friends are many and plenty, but who is a best friend? That is one question that we all need to ask ourselves and find out the best from the lot that we have.


We have friends at all stages of our lives, but not all are our best friends. Some stay for a while, while others remain in contacts. However, all of them may not know the inside out of you and the actual you.

Only a best friend would know the real you. Some may get their best friends when they are in school, while other may find them while being in colleges; still others find their best friend at later stages of their lives. Having a best friend is indeed a blessing in disguise.

My case is no different. I too was in search of a friend whom I could trust, rely and be myself with. Through schools days I searched, but did not find any. Though I felt sad then, I said to myself, best friends do happen, so keep waiting.

That waiting did not have to be too long, it was just till I joined my college. There was an instant spark between us, the very first time we met each other. The comfortability we had in each other’s presence, the fun, the joy and the secrecy of our lives locked within each other all happened so instantly. An inner voice said to both us, “This is whom you have been in search, Your true friend.”


Over the years, our friendship grew. Through the thick and thin of our lives, we stood by each other, no matter what. We were known to be as two bodies and one soul. With time, though we had to separate our paths physically, we are still with each other. A thought about my friend, would make her call me and the same vice-versa. We make fun of each other and say that we have a telepathy, but the fact is we do have. We can feel each other; understand each other even when not near to each other. We could just start a conversation, just like we met yesterday. My Friend – You are one among the greatest gift that God has given me, and I wouldn’t let you go for anything in this world…

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