Paragraph on My Favorite Indoor Games – by Aroop Das


There are many indoor games in this world which satisfy all classes of people.

Indoor games have a distinct advantage over outdoor games in that they can be played anywhere at any time without the constraints of the environment.


I am a big fan of indoor games. I play and religiously follow a number of indoor games. However a few of them are closest to my heart and I tend to play them whenever I have the chance.


Chess is a game which almost everybody knows and which everybody must play. It is a game of the mind. I was first drawn to chess from the early age of 11, and have been playing ever since. The tactics and strategies of playing chess appealed to me. Now I have become an expert in playing chess. I could beat all my siblings except my elder brother, who is an even better player than me. Chess allows the mind to exercise itself and engage in planning and forecasting. One has to study the moves of the opponent closely and anticipate further moves.


I have been playing scrabble for quite a while now and it has always fascinated me. The formation of words and their strategic placement is a great way to pass the time. The best part of scrabble is that it is a family game and gives me ample quality time to spend with my family. I love to form words and always have a special scrabble dictionary with me while playing.


Carrom is a game which I had initially disliked but as I grew older I began to appreciate the skill and concentration required to succeed in this game. Presently I never shy away from playing a game or two whenever any of my siblings challenge me. Though I am still an amateur in this game I have grown to love it and with enough practice I could master the efficiency and accuracy of the shots.

Table Tennis:


Table tennis is one of the few games at which I have been an acclaimed champion. Starting from an early age I became quite adept at table tennis and practiced for long hours to perfect my serves and returns. I have earned a number of accolades at competitions held over the course of my youth.


There are a few more games which I like and play whenever I get the chance, but the above games are the ones which I love the most.

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