Short Paragraph on Video Games

Here is your short paragraph on Video Games !

Video games are the current rend and people of all ages are behind the various kinds of video games available today.


A video game is an electronic game which involves a human interaction with a user interface, which would generate a visual feedback onto a video device.

The electronic systems that are used to play the games are known as platforms and it could range from small hand held devices to large mainframe computers.

Video games could have both negative and positive impact on children especially. The positive side involves where the children could develop their thinking skills and stimulate their learning facts like strategic thinking, cooperation, creative thinking, and also innovative thinking, which is a very important part in the information society.

Studies have shown that when studies are modulated in the form of games, it attracts more interests of the students and help them learning better. However, with the positive side, there are also negative impacts on children through Video games. Some children form a very destructive behavioral pattern and would try to be destructive and dangerous.


Violence is one factor that they try to imitate and there have been instincts where children have killed each other thinking that just like in games one needs to kill the other to win a difference of opinion.

Video games are increasing on larger scales today and more and more kids are getting into the craze of playing these games. There are both good and bad games. The industry needs to make a thorough analysis and introduce games that are more innovative and useful so that the damage caused and behavioral patterns do not change, instead bring about good to the coming generations. Too much of gaming would definitely have an impact on people who play for long, the industry has to make sure that good games needs to be introduced, reducing the amount of violence or restricting to the age factor, so that bigger players who understand right from wrong could go for the more harsh games.

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