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I have a beautiful garden in my home. It is located next to my reading room. It can be viewed beautifully from the window of my reading room especially in the rainy season.


Me and my Dad we both are big nature lovers and so we suggested our Grandfather to have a small garden in our home.

He liked the idea and then we finally decided to convert some plot of land near my reading room into a garden. Today my garden is 6 months old. It is fertile and growing day by day. We keep a constant check to keep the soil loose and fertile.

I plough it every once a week or whenever required. I pull out weeds & waste grass to make it look attractive. My father keeps a check to put sufficient manure to it. I have planed beautiful roses and flowers of various breeds. Last week I have also shown vegetables seeds into the garden which will take time to grow big.

To keep my flowers away from the reach of naughty children and cattle I have kept a big fence around by garden. As my garden had sufficient space, two weeks ago I had decided to divide it into 2 equal parts. In one part there are roses and flowers like the champa, the hasnahena, the bakul, the kabari, sun flower, night queen and the jasmine. In the monsoon season when the flowers are in their full bloom they look like a countless starts in the sky.


Every flower has its own charm, color & fragility and its own sweet fragrance. While on the other part of the garden I have sown various vegetable seeds. The vegetable plants are still baby plants and will take time to grow big.

I have sown cabbage seeds, carrot seeds, cauliflower seeds and potato seeds. My parents are very glad to see me working hard to make our garden look good. These days gardening is one of my favorite hobbies. Like my garden every garden requires protection and nursing. If taken proper care you can also have a good healthy garden inside your home. I daily devote 30 minutes to my garden in the morning.

I make the soil loose and weeds out if required and water the plants regularly. Working out for my garden regularly has made me energetic and healthy. I hope in the coming future my garden is going to save a lot of family expenses for vegetables. My garden is a big source of joy and pleasure to my entire family.

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