Short Paragraph on My Garden for Kids (356 Words)

Here is your short paragraph on my garden for kids:

Gardening is a hobby and not everyone would like to have this kind of hobby.


However, having a garden is always good in many aspects. You would have a beautiful garden near you with lots of flowers and plants, that would make your surrounding look great, have good and fresh air, would be more eco-friendly and provide space to other living creatures too.

Though gardening hobby is not found in many, people are developing the habit and are turning to create beautiful gardens at their homes. Some people focus on ornamental plants, while others on flowers and some on fruits and vegetables.

No matter what the end product is, gardening is a stress reliever and a wonderful time pass. I also have a garden at my home and my mother looks after the plants very well. We have so many varieties of plants in our garden. Some bear flowers like Roses, Jasmine, Orchids, and Hibiscus and so on, while others are just ornamental plants. My mom also has a banana tree and a mango tree in the garden.

She nurtures them well, supplies the manure and required soil them for growth, apply medicines when required and also make sure that additional manure is given , when these plants require. We have also appointed a gardener, so that he would do the timely cropping for plants, which would allow them to grow healthy.


It is really nice to be in the garden during the early mornings and evenings. Lots of fresh air and wonderful scented smell from the flowers fill the air and make it really great. When we spent some time in the garden, it makes feel so fresh and rejuvenated that we could start any work with lots of energy and a fresh mind.

I have also planted a plant and I water it daily. I talk with them and there is so much energy in them. It has started to bud and I am waiting for the flowers. I love my garden and would like to make it better and bigger in the future.

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