Short Paragraph on India’s Strategic Position on the Globe with respect to Trade

Here is your short Paragraph on India’s Strategic Position on the Globe with respect to Trade!

India stands at the head of the Indian Ocean at the very centre of the Eastern Hemisphere commanding trade routes running in all directions.


Its location, size and economic resources have made it the most dominating country among the littoral states.

Indian Ocean is the only ocean in the world which has been named after a country i.e. India. This only proves the great prominence enjoyed by India in early days when these oceans were given their names. The trans-Indian Ocean routes connecting the developed countries of Europe in the west and the developing countries of Asia in the east must skirt the shores of India. No other country has such a long coastline on this ocean as India has.


Therefore, the Indian Ocean is truly Indian Ocean. Most of the air routes between Europe, West Asia and Africa in the west and East Asia, South East Asia, Japan and Australia in the east also pass through India.


The centrality and the consequent significance of India to broader Indian Ocean geopolitics and economics have been proved beyond doubt. It was India’s status as the principal entrepot in a highly profitable oceanic trade structure which attracted the West Asian Muslims, and the European colonial powers towards India. India became the ‘jewel in the crown’ of the vast British Empire due to its wealth and because of its role as a fulcrum upon which the imperial and commercial system in Asia was balanced.

India thus commands an important strategic position on the globe with respect to trade as well as social and cultural interaction. India is a concept. India is an experiment through ages. India is unique, India is India—no parallel example exists.

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