Short Paragraph on Physiographic Divisions of India

Here is your short paragraph on Physiographic Divisions of India !

Physiography is that branch of geography which studies the present relief features of the earth’s surface or of natural features in their causal relationships.


As described in the previous chapter, the present surface features of India owe their formation to various geological events which took place in different geological periods.

Both endogenetic and exogenetic forces have been consistently working to shape the present land forms on the surface of the earth. India has a unique personality with regard to physiography. The great diversity of relief features encompassed in the vast dimensions of the country is simply amazing.

The physiographic diversity of India embraces lofty young fold mountains, flat plains and one of the oldest plateaus of the world. The Indian islands have their own unique personality. A rough estimate made by the Census Commission in 1951, shows that of the total land area, 10.7 per cent is more than 2135 m above sea level and is mountainous, 18.6 per cent is hilly area (305 to 2135 m), 27.7 per cent is plateau (305 to 915 m) and the remaining 43 per cent is plain area.

Due to geological complexities and geomorphological diversities, division of India into physiographic regions is a difficult task. The views expressed by geographers in this regard are as diverse as the diversities of landforms in India. Some scholars follow the triple tectonic division viz. (i) the Himalayan Mountains (ii) the Indo-Gangetic plains and (ii) the Indian Peninsula.


There are some scholars who feel that the coastal plains have a separate identity and should be treated as such. More recently, it has been felt that the distant islands in Bay of Bengal and Arabian Sea should also be treated separately. Thus, to be more realistic and for the sake of convenience, it is preferred to divide India into following five physiographic divisions.

1. The Himalayan Mountains.

2. The Great Plain of North India.

3. The Peninsular Plateau.

4. The Coastal Plains.

5. The Islands.

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