Short Paragraph on the Great Plain of North India

Here is your short paragraph on the significance of Indian plain:

Great Plain of North India with it’s fertile alluvial soils, flat surface, slow moving perennial rivers and favourable climate, the Great Plain of North India is of great significance.


It is the home of about half of the Indian population although it accounts for less than one fourth of the total area of the country.

The plain supports some of the highest population densities depending purely upon agro-based economy in some of these areas. The extensive use of irrigation has made some parts of this plain especially Punjab, Haryana and western part of Uttar Pradesh the granary of India.

The entire plain except the Thar Desert has a close network of roads and railways which has led to large scale industrialisation and urbanization. The development of trade and commerce in this plain is a natural sequel of industrialization and urbanization.

There are many religious places along the banks of the sacred rivers like the Ganga and the Yamuna which are very dear to Hindus. Here flourished the religions of Budha and Mahavira and the movements of Bhakti and Sufism. In short, this vast plain is the hearthrob of India and constitutes its very soul.

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