Short Paragraph on the Peninsular Plateau of India

Here is your short paragraph on the Peninsular Plateau of India!

The Peninsular Plateau of India is roughly triangular in shape with base coinciding with the southern edge of the great plain of North India and its apex is formed by Kanniyakumari in the southern extremity.


The northern boundary of the Peninsular block is an irregular line running from Kuchchh along the western flank of the Aravali range to near Delhi, and thence roughly parallel to the Yamuna and the Ganga as far as the Rajmahal Hills and the Ganga Delta.

It is surrounded by the hill ranges on all the three sides. To its north are the Aravali Range, the Vindhya, the Satpura, the Bharmer and the Rajmahal Hills. To the south of about 22° N latitude, the Western Ghats (The Sahyadris) and the Eastern Ghats form its western and eastern boundaries respectively.

The entire plateau measures about 1,600 km in north-south and 1,400 km in east-west direction. It covers a total area of about 16 lakh sq km which is about half of the total land area of the country. It is thus the largest physiogrpahic unit of India.

The average height of the plateau is 600-900 m above sea level although many parts are well over 1000 m. The general slope of the palteau is from west to east with the exception of Narmada-Tapi rift which slopes westwards.


The Peninsular Plateau is an ancient tabular block composed mostly of the Archaean gneisses and schists. It has been a stable shield which has gone through little structural changes since its formation. Ever since the dawn of geological history the Peninsula has been a land area and has never been submerged beneath the sea except in a few places where marine transgressions have been made and that too locally and temporarily.

Undoubtedly, the entire Peninsular Plateau is an aggregation of several smaller plateaus and hill ranges interspersed with river basins and valleys. A brief description of these plateaus, hill ranges and the intervening river valleys will be of great help in describing the relief of this great plateau.

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