Paragraph on Good Health Brings Pleasure – by Rajan


Health is wealth. This is a wise saying. Heath is considered as the most precious among all possessions.

One can achieve anything in life if he has good health.



A man may be very rich and may be very wise. He may have other blessings in life. But all these possessions can never make him happy if he is not healthy. It is needless to mention the necessity of keeping good health. Very few people across the world have achieved something significant with poor health. So good health is the greatest wealth of all wealths. Thus, healthy men, healthy women, and healthy young generation are considered as the most precious asset of any nation.

How to maintain good health:

A good health is a divine gift. Some are born strong and healthy. There are others who keep good health by sincere efforts. Good and balanced food with nutritional value keeps up good health. Food should be taken with mental satisfaction. Through regular physical exercise and doing regular labor, one’s muscles grow strong. By exercising daily your mood stays fresh through out the day. By regular morning walk you start enjoying the environment. You realize the changes in the climate.

In short, you start loving your life. It increases your energy and confidence. The impurities go out of the body along with sweat. You breathe in more oxygen. The result is good blood circulation and good digestion of food. These are all conducive to good health.

If you are a married and healthy person, then it immensely offers positive impacts on your child. By doing regular exercise, you indirectly teach the importance of good health to your child.


When you are healthy, you confidently stand in the crowd. You never hesitate to speak with strangers. In fact, your good health inspires them and they show admiration towards you. There is a huge pleasure in receiving the respect from strangers.

Good health always gets recognized wherever you go. If you are studying, then your teachers and classmates feel proud of you and your health. If you are a working person, then your workmates feel comfortable to speak with you. This is the magic of good health. It facilitates you in many ways.


Ill health is a curse in disguise. He becomes dispirited and looses interest in life. Everyone must try to improve and maintain good health. Besides this, one should leave the bad habits, such as drinking alcohol, smoking, drugs, or any other addiction that can lessen your power and make you unhealthy. Life is a choice. One must choose to be healthy. Good health is the first and foremost need of human life. Hence good health should be properly guarded and carefully preserved.

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