Paragraph on Ferdinand Magellan

The Voyage undertaken by Portugal navigator Ferdinand Magellan was infact, wonderful. He circumnavigated the world for the first time.

Magellan was born in 1480 at Sabros in Portugal. He served under the Spanish king Charles, the grandson of Isabella and got his favour.


In 1519 Megallan left Sevile in Spain with a fleet of five vassels named Son Antonio, Trinidad, and Conception, Victoria and Snatiago and 280 men. He crossed the Atlantic Ocean and entered into a new Ocean sailing around the southernmost coast of South America through the straits and he named that Ocean as Pacific Ocean due to its calmness.

After the Voyage of ninety days, Magellan and his fellow sailors and crews could not see any land except two desert islands. The hungry crews even ate rates saw-dust and leather. At last they reached an island where its inhabitants looted them. That is why Magellan named this island as ‘Ladrones’ (Robbers) or ‘Marianna’.

Then they sailed to another island and it was named as Philippines after the name of the king of Spain. There, they came in conflict with the native people and Magellan was killed on 27 April, 1521. However, one of his ships named Victoria sailed west ward, crossed the pacific, passed through Atlantic Ocean again and sailing round the Cape of Good Hope, reached Spain in 1522 with eighteen Europeans and four black men. The Voyage of Magellan practically proved that the ‘Earth is Round’.

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