Short Paragraph on Babarnamai as a source of History

Here is your paragraph on Babarnamai as a source of history!

Babarnama is the autobiography of Babar. It was originally written in Turkish language. Babar himself was a great poet of Turkish language.


Basically, his Babarnama was a diary that comprised depiction of his ideas, experiences and feelings.

This was earlier known as Tuzuk-i-Babari. Babar has mentioned little about his fore-fathers, the great Timurids and their mighty deed and his native place Fargana.

Specially, his strong nostalgia for the panoramic beauty of Fargana has been revealed in his diary. Barbar’s difficulties after his accession have also been mentioned in it. When he came to India it was an alien land for him and he was not much charmed by the atmosphere, fauna and flora of the country.

He did not find any good orchard even not artificial fountains. The only thing he has really appreciated that is the palace of Raja Man Singh


Tomar. Perhaps Babar witnessed poverty in India. He criticises Indians for not being properly dressed. He is also a critic of the physical features of the Indians. His views about the physical built of the Indians are satirical. Babarnama also mentions about his mental tension during the early invasions as well as his feelings before Khanva.

As far as the historical significance of the text is concerned, being an autobiography it doesn’t have much significance except Babar’s feeling about Fargana and India. Despite this, the text reveals few important things about the likings of the Mughals, their spirited triumphalism desire.

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