Short Paragraph on My Last Sunday (495 Words)

Here is your short paragraph on my last Sunday:

Sunday is always a fun day. It is that day of the week which is eagerly awaited and welcomed by most of the people. It holds great value to office goers & students of schools and colleges.


People of all ages plan to spend this day I the best possible way.

Everybody has their own plans. Some goes for family get together, some throws parties, some choose to go out and watch movies, some go out for shopping, some decides to sit and take rest at home etc. On every Sunday the bazaars are overly crowded with people, rush in buses, cinema halls and hotels.

Similarly I always make plans in advance over how I am going to spend my Sunday. But last Sunday I did not decided anything because I was busy with my exams the whole week. I had my last exam on Saturday. I got up early in the morning at 6 am to accompany my Dad to the Airport. We went to receive my Dad’s friend who came from Mumbai. We reached the airport on time. My Dad received his friend.

We hired a cab & drove back to our house. On the way on Prahalad Nagar I requested my Dad to drop me to Sneha’s house. Sneha is my best friend. When I reached her home she was happy to see me there. She was having breakfast.


Her mother asked me to join her. Her mother is a great cook. She made my favourite dish called “Pudla”. I joined them & enjoyed the dish a lot. Sneha told me that she is going to visit Regal (Cinema Hall) at Connaught Place with her family. She requested me to join them. I said Ok.

We all sat inside the car at 11 AM and drove to Regal. At 12 PM we reached Regal. We purchased six tickets for the Hollywood movie named “The Truck” & went in. The picture was a good comedy. All of us enjoyed watching it.

After the movie was over we decided to hang all together at India Gate. After having a fun at India Gate we again went to Connaught place. At Connaught Place we had some snacks in a restaurant called Sartaaj. We walked here & there & enjoyed Central Park. We all love Central Park mainly because of its big lotus like fountain.

Then at 7 pm we drove to Akshardham to see the laser-light show. We purchased the tickets and went in. It was a one hour show. All of us enjoyed the show a lot as none of us ever saw that show before. After the show got over it was 8 PM all of us were very tired and we decided to go back home.

Sneha’s family dropped me at my home at 9 PM. The day was spent in the best possible way. I always wish to have many such Sunday’s.

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