Short Paragraph on My Wish (370 Words)

Here is your short paragraph on My Wish !

All of us have our own wishes. However it may differ from person to person. The wishes could be in what one would like to become, what one would like to do, what one would like to have and so on…


No matter what, each one of us does have a wish and we all strive hard to get there. With little bit of effort and right kind of focusing, we all could make our wishes come true.

Being a student, my wishes would be as to what I would like to become or where I would like to be when I grow up. Though I have been asked this question many times, I never thought of it seriously until recently.

I may sound funny for you now, but I deeply have my desires in achieving of what I see in myself. I love to become a Chef!! A very well known one. I love cooking and I always watch my Mom making dishes. It is such a pleasure to see her make dishes and bring in out great flavorful and mouthwatering dishes, even with the little ingredients left in her kitchen. She has motivated me that, making great food and satisfying hunger of many is the greatest joy that one could attain. When we make food with all the love and passion, it just turns out great and serving them to our loved ones, is beyond ecstasy, is what my Mom always says.

I watch the numerous Cooking shows that are shown in the television and I have seen small kids make food!! That has actually given me the confidence that I too can prepare food and make great dishes. Sometime I ask my Mom to hand over the kitchen and she does stand with me to what I can make. I really enjoy those times and I love making it.


I wish to become a wonderful Chef and run a restaurant on my own, where I could make dishes of my choice and serve my guests with all love and care. Happy and content faces after having a meal is what would make my day, as I truly enjoy seeing happy faces after a great meal that my mom makes.


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