Paragraph on Indian Culture & its Future


The culture of India has a great vision of life which is very deep, high and great and has achieved in making it transcend human civilization from decades ago.

It is considered as one of the supreme and oldest cultures which has been followed till date and would be followed in the future.


The entire continuum of Indian culture with its ethics, religion, literature, art, philosophy, architecture, music, dance along with its socio-economic association is constantly been influenced by an inspired force that is from a multisided spirituality, which would be passed down for decades to come.

Past, present and Future of Indian Culture:

One of the oldest cultures in India is the Vedic culture, where it was believed that sacrifice to Gods was the dominant motive. However over a period of time, with the demands of evolutionary cycles, the era of Yogis, Rishis and Vedas had evolved from the spiritual thinking to the intellectual and ethical thinking of the scholars and priests. Though the ultimate goal of the Indian conception is spiritual perfection and liberation, the future lies on intellectual thinking of these facts. The future India needs to think and discover the secret of a collective spiritual liberation, which is still an unaccomplished work.

The basic principle of ancient culture is a spiritual vision of life, which tries to mould the society through a mental and religious force. However this is a great attempt that has been made, when compared to modernization. It is said that the moral and mental force released by the aesthetic and religious cultures of the world is found to be very weak and that which controls the human behavior and character in a socio-economic environment.

What can be done?

In order to bring back the basics of Indian Culture, one has to create a complete spiritual culture that could be directed to every part of life, which is actually the social idea of the Vedic culture. There is a lot of spiritual influence and it is this influence that creates uniqueness in the Indian Culture.

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