Short Paragraph on India’s Unity in Diversity

Here is your short paragraph on India’s unity in diversity!

India has been able to project itself as a single territorial unit in the face of physical, political, social and economic contrasts.


The unifying role of the Great Plains between the Himalayan ranges on one hand and the Peninsular India on the other can hardly be ignored.

Climatically, the monsoonal rhythm of seasons provides a strong element of uniformity. The concentration of monsoonal rainfall to a few months in a year and the associated agricultural activities are an all India phenomena. Many of our cultural traditions are strongly tied to the monsoons.

Our saints have spread the message of universal brotherhood which has helped a great deal in uniting different sections of society in India and making the country a united nation. The Ramayana and the Mahabharata have provided themes even for tribal dances and music for thousands of years and still continue to do so.

Although Hinduism is the way of life for majority of Indians, Hinduism and Islam are intertwined into a composite matrix on the Indian land. It is in this composite matrix that integration of India is strongly rooted. In fact there are more Muslims in India than in Pakistan. Centuries of foreign rule failed to disrupt our cultural ties.


On economic front, the development of inter-regional linkage and the emergence of a national home market have played a significant role in uniting the country. For example, tea from Assam, wheat from Punjab and Haryana, minerals from Chotanagpur plateau and spices from the hill areas of the southern states are used all over the country and in turn these areas obtain items required by them from other areas. This process has been accelerated by the development of transportation and communication.

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