Paragraph on Industrial Revolution (155 Words)

Here is your paragraph on Industrial Revolution !

The Industrial Revolution which began in the mid-eighteenth century had far-reaching implications for the lives of people around the globe.


Firstly, there were massive changes in methods of production of manufactured goods. Industrialisation basically meant the change from animate to inanimate power.

Till the time of the industrial revolution, all forms of production and manufacture were done through the use of animate power. This meant that it was power drawn from animals, such as horses, cows, bullocks, etc., or through human energy, as in the case of weaving, pottery and other types of manual activities.

Industrialisation initially introduced steam as a form of power and later electricity. The difference between the two systems, namely pre-industrial and industrial, was vast because inanimate power (such as steam and electricity) can be used without restriction for manufacture, whereas animate power has its limits.

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