Short Paragraph on My First Job (554 Words)

Here is your Short Paragraph on my first job:

For many people especially teenagers’ having a job is a way to earn & have extra cash for clothes and movies.


Getting a job makes us feel independent. When I got my first job I felt like an adult. My first job made me more responsible & I learnt how to tackle my finances well.

Apart from that I learnt many things like how to take a public transport, work and coordinate with different types of people, interact with coworkers & how to be punctual. In just 4-months I learned real-life skills. It is a lifetime experience for me which I can never forget. It was a stage where I become mature & grew into an adult in 4 months.

It was 3rd Feb 2010 when I landed an internship at Logosto Inc. I thought that I would be working in a cubicle where I would be entering data into the computer, doing paper work and hardly talking to my collogues. But I was totally wrong.

When I entered the office for the very first time I was extremely nervous. I took my seat and glanced around to see my co-workers. Some were sailing in the same boat as they were fresher’s while some were very confident as they were old and experienced.


All the fresher’s were warmly welcome by Vineet Sir who was our supervisor. He explained us what he is expecting us to do. He was very confident that we could be a big contribution to the company which made me quite confident from inside.

It was a modern, fast paced firm working with Google apps and technology such as cloud computing. 2010 was a year of economic downturn for many firms but Logosto prospered. It helped many companies to overcome economic crisis and become successful. It was doing an outstanding job in all its areas.

My first week as the office was very informative. Vineet sir taught us lots of new things. We learned, did assignments, did tutorials until we learned every bit of it. Finally after 10 days we were ready to get started with our first assignment. I was assigned building with few clients’ websites. I loved my first work.

I did my first job very well and was appreciated by many peoples in my company. Later I was assigned with my next task. I was assigned to conduct onsite training for various firms & help them to become familiar with Google Apps.

I made me to speak in front of many people. I solved their queries. I was rectified by my supervisor Maria when I was making mistakes. Time flew by I learned may things and my last day for my internship arrived finally.

I was given a little party by my collogues. My seniors gave me a lot of useful advice on future careers. Both of my supervisors, Marissa and Thomas Blade, gave us some useful advice on furthering our future careers. That advice has proven to be beyond helpful and I’m sure will take me a long way. My internship taught me many useful things which will help me in my future.

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