Short Paragraph on My Ideal Job (Writing)

Here is your short paragraph on My Ideal Job (Writing) !

My ideal job is writing. These days writing jobs are available online as well as offline depending upon your preferences.


I love to write because I love reading various kinds of books & create something which exists only in my own dream world.

Writing gives me a sense of satisfaction as I can create a kind of world that I want to make and also enhances my knowledge to a certain extent. I can live my dreams through my writings.

With writing we can successfully exchange our views & ideas with this world. In my writings I can make my characters do anything they want to do. Sometimes I use my stories to touch the hearts of people. My writing is not confined to our daily lives. Instead I write about foreign culture and about my experiences in life. To get the best writer out of me I like to travel various places.

Now a day there is a lot of scope for all those who wants to establish their career as a writer. Lot of opportunities is available online as well as offline. People can make part time earnings as a writer by writing online. Housewives can also make handsome amount by writing articles from the comfort of their homes. They just have to get a laptop or a computer and an internet connection which is readily available now days that too at cheap prices.


Internet based jobs are very easy to tackle and understand. There are multiple kinds of websites, forums and blogs with topical features that can guide you to work online. You also need to be alert from dealing with fraudulent persons and prey of scams posing as employers.

Benefits of online writing jobs:

Low operating costs:

Online writing jobs have relatively lower operating costs in comparison to ordinary jobs. This is due to the fact that you can cope up with highly expensive city life while working online. Apart from that no other expenses are required in terms of formal dressing and accommodation if you want to work in some other location.


Online workers can enjoy all kinds of convenience because they are their own bosses. They can control their lives in terms of working and leisure hours. Nor they are not required to ask for sick leaves neither they have to wake up early in the morning and report someone.


These occupations are very reliable as you can work in any part of the globe. Hence there are no restrictions in terms of natural calamities, political instability & harsh climate. Nothing will affect your daily routine. There are no barriers in terms of religion, language, work permit etc.

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