Short Paragraph on New Year Resolution for Kids

Here is your short paragraph on New Year Resolution for Kids !

Kids are fascinating and to get them do things in an orderly manner, resolutions are the best way.


Make them realize the importance of resolutions and teach them to stick to these resolutions and encourage them to follow them, to make themselves better. When it comes to kids the requirement in changes may vary according to their age groups.

In preschoolers, since they are too small, their resolutions should include something simple and interesting. Their resolutions could include things like: I would clean my toys after playing and keep the room neat and tidy, I would brush my teeth in the morning and evening, I would wash my hands before eating food and after going to the bathroom and so on. Simple everyday tasks could be given to them, so they develop an interest to follow the resolution and learn to follow it.

For school going kids or age group between 5-12, the resolution changes and for them the resolutions could include: I would do my homework daily on time, I would sleep on time, I would reduce aerated drinks and drink more of water and milk which is good for me, I would not pass out personal information to strangers, I would wear a helmet while cycling, I would be friends with everyone and not fight, I would try to find some kind of interesting sport that I like and learn the sport, I would always put seat belts while being in the car, etc These kind of simple tasks in their age group would increase their interests to stay organized and systematic.

Again, for teenagers, it is different when compared to the above age groups and for them the resolutions would include: I will show respect to my elders, I would avoid peer pressure to indulge in negative activity like smoking and drinking, I would try to have more healthy foods and stick to a fitness regime, I would choose to watch and play non-violence shows and games respectively, I would try to promote self positive talks and avoid negative talks, I would discuss with my parents or teachers, when I have a difficult decision or situation faced, I would try to get myself out of anger by deviating my thoughts and deeds for some time and so on.


When these kinds of resolutions are maintained and encouraged to be followed, we would have a better generation tomorrow and be proud of them.

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