Short Paragraph on Goal of My Life (370 Words)

Here is your short paragraph on Goal of My Life!

Each one of us has goals in life and it would differ from person to person. Having a goal in life is very good as it would help you to stay focused and make you reach where you have been dreaming to be at


I too have a goal in life. I would like to become a writer, when I grow big. I love reading books and I read a lot.

Books have always been my companion and best friend and I have read so many different kinds of books from different writers by now.

I have observed that each writer has a different style and it is so unique and beautiful that it makes the reader glued to what he is reading. Writing is an art and a blessed talent. I have written small poems and short stories which have been published in my school magazines and other magazines so far.

Writing is a passion for me and there are lot many great writers, whom I adore. Writers are creative people and have a great advantage over the other kind of monotonous jobs that you see around. You don’t need to meet deadlines and face intense pressure. All that you need to worry is having a good subject to write and how well you stay focused during the work that you do. Writers also make good income and do not have to stick to a time frame like an office job.


There are some writers who do writing as their second income. They might be into some other profession, but for the love of writing, they continue their passion and make a good side income from it to. The key ingredient to good writing is making sure that you have a good subject to write, have great language and the reader gets to understand what exactly you are trying to convey to them. The secondary step is having a good publisher and then your work is done.

A writer should be loyal and true to his writing and use his own skills and styles, so that he stays different from the others and would be recognized all the time.

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