Short Paragraph on My Idol (454 Words)

Here is your short paragraph on my idol:

An idol is a person who has a big impact on your life in many ways. I consider my Dad as my idol. He is the most respectable and important person in my life. He has influenced not only my life but the life of my entire family.


My Dad is working as a Regional Manager in State Bank of India. He has worked very hard in his entire life to make sure that I & all my family members have everything that we need & do not lack anything.

Since childhood he has taught me and my siblings’ important values and value for money that we apply in our everyday life. He is my real life hero & pillar of my life to make me strong and keep moving.

He has taught me to avoid fighting on little things. He has always taught me to sacrifice things for others and face the hardships of life with grace like I face success. I discuss my personal problems with my Dad and he always guides me how to deal with them in the best possible manner. Not only I even my friends discuss their personal issues with my Dad as he has influenced their lives too.

He is patient, caring, loving and understanding. He listens to my ideas about successful life diligently and shows me ways on how to reach that point. Even in bad situations he keeps himself collected and cool and never loses his temper.


My family plays an important role in my father’s life. Due to his job he is always occupied with work pressures. But then too he manages to take out time for us from his busy schedule. He is the strongest person I have ever come across.

I remembered an incident which took place 2 months back when his elder brother died. He was deeply attached with him. He was in a deep pain and couldn’t stand that news. But he managed to remain strong and give support to my uncles & grandmother who were majorly affected by his death.

Even I was deeply hurt by that incident as I was also attached with my uncle more than anyone else after my father. Leaving his sorrows aside Dad advised & counseled me to overcome that sad period. My father is a very good cook. Many a time he cooks for us on weekends and sometimes in week days on special occasions.

He has always guided us to live a spiritual & sin free life. He will always remain my hero. He is the best father in the world and I my love and respect for him cannot be framed in words.


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